North Carolina Electronic Liens & Titles (ELT)

Frequently Asked Questions about ELT in North Carolina:

Who is required to participate?

Pursuant to Senate Bill 407, House Bill 1133 and Senate Bill 119, beginning July 1, 2016 all individuals and lienholders who are normally engaged in the business or practice of financing motor vehicles, and who conduct at least five transactions annually, shall utilize the electronic lien system

Is there a penalty for not participating in ELT?   

No, however after July 1, 2016, title transactions will be rejected by the DMV and returned if the lender conducts five or more transactions annually and does not have an ELT Service Provider

How does a lienholder sign up for ELT in NC?

A lienholder must sign up with an approved service provider to participate in the NC ELT program.  You need to complete an application form "Application for Enrollment/Change in Electronic Lien and Title System". North Carolina does not require a contract or agreement (as many other ELT states do). They do however require that you work with a "Service Provider" from the list of those on the form. DDI is a service provider for North Carolina.

Visit to get a copy of the state application and our service agreement. Participation approval (and ELT assignment) takes only 2-3 days.

How do I switch service providers?

Letters need to be sent from both service providers and from the lienholder to eDealer Services. Detailed instructions are available at Contact our contracts department as well.

Will NC DMV process title paperwork the same as now?

Yes, the process remains unchanged for submitting a transaction for title and registration and a lien recording. However, it is extremely important to include the appropriate lienholder customer number that will be given to you by your service provider as well as your accurate company name and address when submitting transactions.  

How does the repossession process work? Is a paper title required?

NC DMV does require you request a paper title via the ELT system and submit with the NC Form MVR-3 Form to the DMV.

Is there an expedited title print process? How does it work?

North Carolina DMV does have an expedited release, but they only provide this feature a the two main DMV locations ran directly by the DMV in Charlotte, NC and in Raleigh, NC.  The DMV will have the title ready for pick up within 2 hours of requesting the expedited release.  Please note the owner must provide proof of ID and pay a $98.00 over-the-counter fee for same day service.

Are there any additional NC DMV fees?

Nevada also charges the lienholder a $3.50 notification fee when the electronic title notification is sent to your provider These charges will be included in your monthly invoice from DDI. 

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